Bible Study

We have studies in God's Word for adults on every day of the week. 

Adult Sunday School Classes
You can grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the Central Cafe at 8:45am and then head to classes starting at 9:15am. Ask the Greeters at the doors where each class is meeting and they will show you. 
These groups are 1) Younger Adults Class, 2) Adult Class, 3) Jubilee Class for Seniors, 4) ESL Class for Koreans

Women's Bible Study
There is a Women's Precept Bible Study held every Wednesday morning @9:15am at Central. This is an inductive bible study with homework during the week and a discussion on Wednesday mornings. The study is usually about one book of the Bible. Refreshments and Child care is provided. 

Men's Bible Study
There is a Men's Bible Study held every Wednesday evening @6:30pm at Central. This is usually a video series on a book of the Bible with a discussion to follow. 

Small Group Bible Studies
Central has Bible Studies for everyone throughout the week in homes. We encourage every individual who worships at Central to become part of a Bible Study for personal growth, encouragement, and prayer support. We also encourage our groups to be actively involved in serving together, whether it's through a church activity or in the community.

Adult Bible Study and Prayer
These are held in the Chapel on Wednesday afternoons at 2pm. Everyone is welcome to participate in a study of God's Word and a time of prayer.